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  • Phobias

    A phobia is an irrational fear of an object/situation that would not normally trouble most people.

  • Anxiety

    Anxiety takes many forms and there can be many different causes and consequently many different types.

  • PTSD

    PTSD is an anxiety disorder that may develop following exposure to any one of a variety of traumatic events...

  • OCD

    Examples of compulsions are excessive cleaning, counting, checking, measuring, and repeating tasks or actions.

  • Bereavement Counselling

    The bereaved may experience a range of different emotions and feelings that can be difficult to cope with.

  • Depression

    Depression is a mental health condition which affects a person's thinking, energy, feelings and behaviour.

  • Panic Disorder

    Panic attacks are often experienced by sufferers of one form of anxiety disorder or another.

  • Anticipatory Anxiety

    Anticipatory anxiety is where a person experiences increased levels of anxiety by thinking about an event or situation in the future.

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For Business

Right now 1 in 4 people is dealing with a mental health problem such as anxiety, depression or stress.

This can stop people performing at their best. Organisations perform better when their staff are healthy, motivated and focused. Smart employers support employees who are experiencing mental health problems to cope and recover.

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When to get in touch

  • If you are worried about someone you care about and have questions to ask then that is fine, it does not matter that you are not the person who may need the help.

    We also work with many other agencies and so if we encounter a problem that we can not directly assit you with then we can make an appropriate referral for you.

About us

We are available for a one off chat over the phone or in person, regular counselling sessions or just plain advice on something that may be bothering you.

We will always see you in confidence and without judgement. It may be that you are not sure what to expect from us so give us a call and find out, it may put your mind at ease...


" Thank you for the time and advice you gave me about my friend and her recent problems...

Hopefully we can now help her get the advice and support she needs."